John Revere Society

If you are considering including NYU Langone Health in your estate and financial plans, or if you have already done so, please let us know. We would like to thank you and invite you to become a member of our John Revere Society.

The John Revere Society was established to pay tribute and recognize the hundreds of individuals—friends, alumni, faculty, and grateful patients—who have included NYU Langone Health in their estate plans. We deeply appreciate gifts at all levels and for every area of the Medical Center.

Members of the John Revere Society receive invitations to special Medical Center lectures and events as well as selected publications and newsletters. They also have the opportunity to learn about an array of financial strategies, tax planning, and custom-tailored gift arrangements that can help both the donor and NYU Langone Health.

By allowing NYU Langone Health to list their names and be recognized publicly, John Revere Society members help to inspire others to make similar gifts. We also honor our donors who wish to remain anonymous. The foresight and generosity of all of our John Revere Society members enable the Medical Center to provide for the next generation by ensuring the resources for continued excellence in medical education, research, and patient care.

John Revere

Dr. John Revere, the 16th and youngest child of Paul Revere, was one of the most prominent physicians of his time. In 1841 he was a founding faculty member of the medical school of the University of the City of New York—forerunner of the NYU School of Medicine. Dr. Revere had a distinguished career in patient care, research, and especially education—holding the school’s first chair in the theory and practice of medicine.